General Examination 2023

General Examination 2023

The General Exam 2023 will be held on 25th of February 2023 – online using Examplify and under individual invigilation.

The General Examination is designed to test the depth and breadth of knowledge of the Resident in general companion animal pathophysiology and Internal Medicine.

The examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions and will be undertaken on the candidate’s computer using Examsoft, a recognised and frequently used exam software. Details of this will be provided to all candidates prior to sitting the examination.

The General Examination results will be released after the Certifying Examination.

Example Questions and Reading List for the 2023 General Examination

For all concerns related to the ECVIM-CA General examination (incl. example questions, reading lists and assessment and awards regulations etc) please contact Viola Dirauf at or the ECVIM-CA Secretariat at