ECVIM-CA Established Investigator Award

About the Established Investigator Award

The Established Investigator Award (EIA) aims to support veterinary research in Small Animal Internal Medicine, Oncology and Cardiology.

The total amount available for 2023 is €40,000 , which may be split between grant applicants. There is a maximum of €30,000 for a single project.
This award is subject to the Clinical Studies Fund terms and conditions (please download below).

Requirements for making an application

The Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for each project must be a Diplomate of the ECVIM-CA or ACVIM.

If the latter, at least one member of the project team needs to be a Diplomate of the ECVIM-CA (their input in the project must be specifically clarified).

Only clinical projects that do not involve invasive or harmful procedures will be considered.

An expert panel will review all proposals according to a common list of objective criteria (see Assessment Guidelines for Reviewers below). Funding will be granted solely on scientific merit.

Key dates for this Award

Deadline for applications:
17:00 GMT on 23rd January 2024.

Applications are submitted by email to the Clinical Studies Fund Secretariat:

The Clinical Studies Fund Committee will review the applications, and the committee anticipates sending out result letters by the end of February 2024.

Guidelines, Policies, Terms and Conditions