Specialist Training


The aim of residency training is to promote aptitude and clinical proficiency in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of companion animals with neoplastic diseases.

The training programme and broad-based ECVIM-CA examinations ensure that a Specialist in Oncology has sound knowledge of basic sciences (anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology, pathology) of the physiology associated with neoplastic disease. Oncology Specialists work closely with other specialists and have a good understanding of surgical and radiation oncology. They typically see animals presenting with suspected or confirmed neoplastic diseases.

A Specialist in Oncology can:

  • Perform physical and laboratory diagnosis, management and prognosis of neoplastic diseases of companion animals.
  • Perform or interpret specialized laboratory studies used in the examination of internal medicine diseases. These include:
    • Specialised laboratory testing
    • Interpretation of diagnostic imaging findings
    • Tissue sampling and interpretation of surgical biopsy results
    • Staging of oncologic patients
    • Have in-depth knowledge of treatment methods including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hyperthermia, cryosurgery, immunotherapy, and be aware of important investigational methods of therapy (e.g. photodynamic therapy).
  • Manage emergency medical cases

If you are interested in applying for an ECVIM-CA internship or Residency Programme, please consult our list of vacancies.