Applicants should be licensed to practice veterinary medicine and surgery in the countries of the European Community or the European Free Trade Association and have experience of working in general companion animal practice.

Prospective Residents will be required to have broad training and experience in clinical companion animal medicine and surgery and their supporting disciplines, which is normally attained by participation in a rotating internship of at least 12 months duration beyond the professional degree. This should provide practical experience in applying knowledge gained during formal professional education and offers an opportunity for recent graduates to obtain additional training in the clinical and basic sciences. An internship is composed of a broad range of clinical assignments across the major divisions of companion animal veterinary medicine. This year of comprehensive broad postgraduate training and experience prepares a veterinarian for high-quality service in practice or for training in an area of specialisation.

Residency Training Programme

The Residency Training Programme must be approved beforehand by the respective Education Committee. A training programme will only be approved if it provides supervised training, postgraduate education, and clinical experience in the science and practice of companion animal internal medicine and their supporting disciplines.

Training to become an ECVIM-CA Specialist in Internal Medicine, Oncology or Cardiology (Dip. ECVIM-CA (Internal Medicine) involves the following:

Residents should undertake at least 3 years training under the supervision of an ECVIM-CA (Internal Medicine) Diplomate at an ECVIM-CA approved training centre (or an alternative track approved by the Internal Medicine Education Committee). The training programme is designed to give the Resident in-depth knowledge in companion animal internal medicine and the supporting disciplines.
Residents are encouraged to spend time at another training facility (externship) gaining experience in internal medicine or an allied Specialty.
Residents are encouraged to present original research at international meetings and to publish in peer-reviewed journals
Spend time teaching veterinary undergraduates
At the end of the training, the Resident will submit case reports (at the time of applying for the General/Certifiying Examination), summaries of clinical experience and successfully complete the ECVIM-CA General and Specialist examinations.
The training aims to equip the Resident with the skills necessary to pursue career goals in teaching, research and/ or specialty practice.

The enrolment form must be filled in, signed and submitted with agreement (and signature) of the Programme Director, within two months of the start date of the Resident. The enrolment is valid for a period of 8 years after which time a new enrolment and payment is required.

Your application

  1. Please complete the Enrolment Form and send to
  2. You will be informed by email from the secretariat that you have received the enrolment form as well as the login details for your resident account for the member portal
  3. Please pay the enrolment fee of 150 Euro according to the instructions
  4. You will receive an official enrolment letter confirming that you are an ECIVM-CA resident


Personal data and communication with the College

If your e-mail address or postal address changes, it is your responsibility to update this information in your personal account on the website immediately.  Letters will be sent to your inbox in your ECVIM-CA member area.

For all related questions please contact:

Eva Maria Frohnwieser
ECVIM-CA Chief Administrator Residencies