Residency Programmes

General Information on Residency Programmes

An ECVIM-CA Residency Programme is a training programme that has been approved by the Education Committee. The programme should allow a graduate veterinarian (Resident) to acquire in-depth knowledge of the specialty in which he/she is being trained and its supporting disciplines under the direction of a Diplomate of the ECVIM-CA.

The general aims of the Residency Programme are:
• To promote aptitude and clinical proficiency in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of internal medical diseases of companion animals.
• To instruct the Resident in the science and practice of companion animal internal medicine.
• To provide the Resident with the opportunity to pursue career goals in teaching, research, and/or specialty practice.
• To develop a culture which recognizes the importance of continuous professional development.

The specific objective of the residency is to train the veterinarian to be an EBVSTM  European Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine, thus it is useful to define what a ‘Specialist’ is. The following list is not exhaustive but gives a broad outline.

An ECVIM-CA approved Residency Programme (hereafter referred to as the “Programme”) shall consist of a minimum period of three (3) years (36 months). Completion of an approved Programme, however, does not guarantee that a Resident will necessarily meet the requirements of the Credentials Committee. The Credentials/Education committee can allow training to take place on a part-time basis (alternate programme) as long as the total time of supervised training is equivalent to at least 3 years and the total time of the alternate programme does not exceed 6 years.

Please refer to the Information Brochures here below for additional information.

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